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My favorite tools

My list of tools include everything required for starting and growing an online business. Tools for creating websites, running & managing online businesses, design, integrations, CRM and everything. I don’t add tools just for affiliate commission, if it’s here then I use it all the time.

If I had a dollar for every useless and bad tools/plugins I installed, activated, tried then deleted, I would’ve been at least Bruce Wayne.

Website building & design

1. Elementor Website Builder

The undisputed #1 in the website builders is obviously Elementor. Its free version is so good that I (and dozens of my clients) have been satisfied for years.

However, the Pro version, is WILD, simply unparalleled. You can virtually do anything, well almost anything. But the possibilities are endless.

I’m not even gonna add #2, since Elementor is simply enough.



Discount coupon 10%: NAR10

If you want to run your website on WordPress, then please do it on 10Web’s hosting. I promise you it will be the fastest WordPress website you have.

With only 10$/month you can star your website on a  super fast hosting.

10Web offers fast hosting, free SSL certificates, real-time backups, intuitive dashboard, live & staging environments and 24/7 live chat support.

2. Bluehost

When it comes to hosting services I’m very picky. I have worked with at least a dozen of hosting services, and this the conclusion I’ve arrived to.

If your website is on WordPress then you have to use otherwise you have to use Bluehost, they are simply one of the best hosting services out there. They will save you time, money and nerves so you can live longer peacefully.

They have hosting packages for almost all types of hostings starting from standard to VPS and dedicated.

I highly recommend Bluehost’s hosting services if you’re not running on WordPress.

WordPress Themes

1. Neve

I came across this theme when I was researching for the fastest WordPress theme, and chose to test Neve out. It soon became my favorite theme, I use it on 70% of my websites. The theme has everything one needs to run a professional website. I sometimes wonder what do I need the pro version for!

Well, if the free version is the man, the Pro version is the super man. I highly recommend Neve theme.

2. Divi

Divi is simply amazing, no theme comes any close to it, and the options it provides.

Just because Divi comes in second doesn’t mean it is any less. It’s just a matter of habit and getting used to something. the other 30% of my websites run on Divi.

With Divi Addons, the theme simply becomes a monster, you can literally customize anything that you want. Fast, smooth and practical.


1. WooCommerce

OBVIOUSLY!!! Does it even require explanation?! Nope it doesn’t

2. Shopify

One of the best and most famous shopping cards available in the market.

Shopify stands out with its easy-to-use and fast ecommerce platform. You can easily setup your store with Shopify, choose a beautiful and practical theme and launch your store in a matter of minutes, maybe around 30 minutes.

Although, unlike WooCommerce, it’s not free, but the simple-to-use dashboard and tools make up for the time spent on learning the dashboard otherwise.

3. AliDropship (for dropshiping with WordPress, WooCommerce)

Discount coupon 15%: NAR15

If you’re planning on starting a dropshipping website with WordPress & WooCommerce, then AliDropship plugin IS A MUST.

Believe me, I’ve tried launching a dropshipping website with other plugins, and it just isn’t even close. AliDropship beats them all with ease. The plug in has all the required and possible tools in it, and works like a charm.

So do not hesitate, start your dropshipping business right now, if you fail, then you’ll be a miles ahead in what you’ve learned.


1. Canva

Surprised?  What does Canva have to do with websites? Well man, I’m telling you Canva has been with me since day one.

I have created 90% of my logos, templates, images using Canva. The pro version is simply a beast, I  promise, you won’t need any other photo editor once you start using Canva. It’s very simple and practical.

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