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The harsh truth about removing unused CSS & JS – Speed up your website

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removing unused CSS & JS on WordPress

If you have tried, at least once, to check your page speed on Google, then you most probably have seen the most famous recommendation of all, to remove unused JS & CSS. Well, here’s the harsh truth about removing unused CSS – Speed up your website without it.

Table of content:

  1. Google page speed results – Recommendations
  2. How to remove unused CSS & JS in WordPress?
  3. The struggles of removing unused CSS & JS
  4. Speed up your website without the struggle
  5. Sum up in a paragraph

Google page speed results – Recommendations

I get it, I get it, you want to speed up your website, you went to Google PageSpeed Insights entered your domain, and saw a big room for improvements, remove unused CSS, remove unused JavaScript.

Why not? But how?

How to remove unused CSS & JavaScript in WordPress?

Well, it’s way easier said than done, when I first tried doing it, it was so confusing to even start with, then I learned that for every CSS styling and JS, I had to go to every page, find where they are being called but not used, and then remove it on that particular page.

So, that way, any CSS or JS code that isn’t being used on that particular page won’t be called, thus the page will be faster.

Can you imagine the amount of time you have to put to identify every CSS & JS and their usage on every page of your website?! It’s a heck of a time, and hell of a work.

The thing is, great coders & developers would be able to understand the matter way easier and probably solve it a lot faster, but great coders & developers usually lack deeper knowledge of SEO and vice versa.

So the problem has risen, there are tons of unused CSS & JS that are slowing your page load which, although theoretically possible, practically is almost impossible to solve.

So what to do? How to solve the issue?

The struggles of removing unused CSS & JS

Alright, I will be very short, this is not a storybook, I want to be practical. I found out that it is impossible for me to identify, practically and effectively, the unused CSS & JS codes on a website and to remove them. Especially on WordPress.

I had to try myself and do it, and it didn’t work. Here are some links on articles and videos I watched some time ago while trying to remove them.

Instead I found GTmetrix which, unlike Google PageSpeed Insights, provides a bit more practical and detailed solutions to my website speed problems. I actually did everything I could both from Google’s & GTmetrix’s suggestions. My website’s speed went from 7 to 29-35. Was it enough? Nope never.

So I had to dig deeper, deeper to find out how I can speed up my website.

It appears your servers, hosting in other words, matters a lot. I mean a lot a lot.

Speed up your website without the struggle

After my new discovery, that the hosting and servers play a huge role in my website’s speed, I started my research. To keep a long story short, I found a hosting provider that specializes in WordPress hosting, which promises a 90+ page speed, which, simply put, is incredible.

The name is, after much research, conversations, testing and going back and forth, I decided to give it a try. A free trial account, during that period, you can test migrate your entire WordPress website to their hosting (your actual website will work just fine on your current hosting). The results are incredible, no, amazing.

That’s how, instead of spending hours and hours trying to remove unused CSS & JS I speeded up my website in a few hours.

You can also benefit from my discounts.

Conclusion – Sum up in a paragraph

The harsh truth about removing unused CSS & JS is the following, do not go there unless you know exactly what you’re doing. Instead optimize your images, configure your caching settings, connect a CDN and make sure your website is hosted on great servers that ensures the smooth and fast operation of your online business.

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Diogo Barros
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