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General ideas & concepts of foind SEO
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General ideas & concepts of doing SEO for a website

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General ideas & concepts of doing SEO for a website

Here’s The Shortestcut to understanding SEO, the general ideas & concepts of doing SEO for a website.

Imagine you get a book, how do you know what it is about? That’s right, you check the title chapters, description, main image & images.

So you need to make your topics clear. Would you trust a book that speaks about physics, maths, psychology, history, business, marketing, and SEO? Of course not. The same way, you need to clearly identify what the topic is.

After you decide the topic, you need to understand how people search for that topic, the keywords they use to find the answers. This process is called keyword research. There are dozens of tools to do it, I usually use Keyword planner, Google Trends, and manual research.

Make sure to include your keywords in your title, description, content, URL, and in the alt-text of your images.

The more you link to reliable sources the better, never claim content that is not yours.

Install & activate Google Search Console, it will help you better understand your website’s position in the SERP, Search Engine Results Page.

This is it for now, as a homework go learn how to properly do a Keyword Research & how to implement your keywords,

I will most definitely talk about SEO in more details soon enough,

Until then, good luck

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