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How to 100% speed up WordPress Website – Step by step guide (not the regular tips)

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Speed up your WordPress website

Alright, I got it I got it, you want to speed up your website, confused, all the articles and videos on Google and  YouTube say the same things. They all say, configure caching, optimize images, pick a fast theme, pick plugins carefully, bla bla bla… I did all that, and it did no good. Here’s how to 100% speed up WordPress website – Step by step guide (not the regular tips)

Table of content:

  1. My experience & struggles
  2. Step by step guide on how to speed up WordPress websites – Costs less than 120$ annually
    1. The importance of servers
    2. The fastest WordPress hosting service
    3. Speed up your WordPress website in a few steps
    4. Take your fast website live
  3. Possible problems with solutions
  4. Website speed components & how to optimize each one
  5. Quick Answers – Sum up in a paragraph

My experience & struggles

So, I had a client for whom I was creating a food delivery website:

  • There were tons of functionalities
  • It had 250+ products
  • Dozens of addons for each product
  • 200+ images

With a page speed of 7 on Google Pagespeed Insights

Of course, all of these were mandatory, and the client wanted a FASTER website, keep in mind this is all on WordPress.

As any other respected expert, like myself and yourself, would do, I went to Google and searched for all the possible ways to speed up the website. Thousands of results, I went all the way down to the 10th page of Google, and checked the articles, they all had the same boring answers, probably copied from one source.

  1. Choose a fast theme. (then you go and search for the fastest themes and stuff)
  2. Compress images.
  3. Add caching.
  4. Use Cloudflare, or any other CDN.
  5. Follow Google’s and GTmetrix’s instructions. (Here’s how to remove unused CSS & JS)
  6. Make sure you’re using good plugins. (It’s an endless and useless quest)

The list of all the minor components go on forever. But, believe me, they are all not so useful. It only took my 7 page speed to 26-27.

Step by step guide on how to speed up WordPress websites – Costs less than 120$ annually

7 to 27 is good, but for me, it was bad, I mean who cares if I took it to 27 from 7. 27 itself is very bad. I was very desperate, then I remembered something. A year ago, when I was looking for good hosting services, I found a company that was claiming to be the fastest WordPress hosting, promising a 90+ page speed on Google.

The importance of servers

Guys, I can’t stress this enough, your servers are the most crucial part of your website’s speed. Having slow, bad, low quality servers will always and always result in a slow website.

I’m only speaking out of experience, the same exact website on two different hostings have unimaginably different page speed. One is 25 and the other 90+. I’m not kidding. The same exact website, with the same images, same everything, just different hostings.

And I didn’t believe it would make such a difference until I tried it myself, with the fastest WordPress hosting out there

Page Speed Insights Before & After 10Web

The fastest WordPress hosting service

I present to you, the fastest WordPress hosting service out there, with no competition, My website turned from 25 to 70+ in only a few clicks. The sales went up to 900%, because instead of the 15 seconds load time, the website was loading in 2-3 seconds.

Man, I promise, there’s no need for me to write a 3000 word article to say a single sentence, just go to click on Start a trial, follow the steps, and check your website’s potential speed on 10Web’s hosting. It will take you less than 2 minutes to complete the steps, and in 30 minutes your website’s faster version on 10web’s hosting should be ready. When you’re convinced, enter NAR10 on checkout and receive a 10% discount 😉 thank me later.

Discount coupon for 10Web
Enter NAR10 to receive 10% discount from 10Web

Speed up your WordPress website in a few steps

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Start 14-Day Free Trial” located on the top right corner
  3. Fill in your information
  4. Answer the questions
  5. Download the plugin
  6. Go to your WordPress admin dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New -> Upload -> Upload the downloaded plugin -> Activate the plugin
  7. That’s it, it will automatically start creating your website’s faster version on 10Web.
Copy of your website is being created 10Web

It might take a while to create the copy, please be a bit patient.

The new website will be on a generated subdomain on… Pay no attention to it, this is not live, its only purpose is to show you how much faster your website will be on 10Web’s hosting. That’s easy. Your live website will work and function just fine.

Take your fast website live

Alright, after you’re done testing and checking everything… I bet your website is at least a few times faster than before, right? Right. If so, please subscribe to my newsletters and YouTube channel, that will help a lot.

Ok, after checking everything, here’s how to take your website live!

  1. Sign in to your 10Web account.
  2. Click on the Upgrade Now button visible on the overview tab.
  3. Choose your package and click on Buy Now! Most probably the first package.
  4. On the checkout page, enter NAR10 to receive a 10% discount. If you can’t find it, then go to -> Pricing -> Or Buy Now -> Enter NAR10
  5. Enjoy your website faster. I know how it feels.
Buy 10Web now

Possible problems and their solutions

Here are a couple of problems I encountered in the course of my experience, the bad news is that you will most probably face some, the good news is all problems have their solutions.

You could face issues in any stage from the migration process to the go-live… That’s normal, because you’re using dozens of plugins, codes, payment gateways, etc… And it’s only natural that some things might not work properly on another hosting. Always remember, 10Web’s support is very very active, there hasn’t been a case that they didn’t go the extra mile to help me.

Some possible issues:

1. Issues with payments:

Your payment gateway worked well, and now it isn’t working? First of all make sure you have your new IP addresses from 10Web whitelisted in your payment gateway. Make sure there are no changes in the URLs, or if there are, then make the changes in the installation as well. If it’s another issue, contact 10Web’s support.

2. Issues with plugins:

This is very common. There’s one good solution, disable every plugin, and see if the issue is solved, if not, activate the plugin again, and disable another one. Repeat the process until you find the culptrint plugin. Either contact their support, or contact 10Web’s support to help with the issue.

Extra tips to speed up your WordPress website further

I’m strongly emphasizing on the importance of your hosting service, that’s because I’ve used multiple services, and in the end settled with one, 10Web. However, as I mentioned earlier in my struggles chapter, I had increased my website’s speed from 7 to 25, so let’s quickly discuss those changes.

Website speed components & how to optimize each one

Here are the things that make up your website’s speed.

  1. Servers – Here you can find the fastest WordPress hosting.
  2. Page size – Images, videos, content – Resize & compress images, lazy load videos.
  3. HTML / CSS / JS – Minify HTML/CSS & JS.
  4. Caching – Add a good caching plugin.
  5. CDN – Setup Cloudflare, it makes your website faster and gives you free SSL
Compress all images with TinyPNG
See I have compressed all the images of this article

Quick Answers – Sum up in a paragraph

Although there are dozens of components that effect on your website’s speed, all of them combined wouldn’t be as valuable as having fast and high quality servers. The fastest WordPress hosting out there is, I say it from my experience, I took my website from 7 to 80+ with them.

I can’t stress enough on the importance of fast hosting, all of them promise 99% uptime but only a few deliver their promise.

Your Man Nar

Other than fast hosting, make sure you have your images resized and compressed, use caching, use Cloudflare and minify any HTML, CSS & JS that can be minified.

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