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Firstbase vs Stripe Atlas – Which one to choose when starting a business in the US?

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Firstbase vs stripe atlas

We’ve already discussed why you might want to start a business in the United States. Short answer, it eases everything. Now let’s see some clear differences between Firstbase vs Stripe Atlas – Which one to choose when starting a business in the US?

Firstbase vs Stripe Atlas – Detailed comparison

Although the first thing that most people pay attention to is the price, I wouldn’t recommend it to be the main weight in your decision making. After all, this is a one time payment, but the service you’ll be getting and the options you will have are more important. Although, in our case, all the advantages go in the way of Firstbase, but yeah, let’s discuss them.

Here’s what you need to look at:

  1. Pricing
  2. Offered states
  3. Offered company structures
  4. Customer service
  5. Other differences
  6. The Shortcut – Sum up in a paragraph

Price comparison Firstbase vs Stripe Atlas

FirstbaseStripe Atlas
Extra costs349$

Keep in mind, you get absolutely nothing for the extra money that you pay.

Winner: Firstbase

Available States to start your business

With Firstbase you can choose Both Wyoming & Delaware, whereas Stripe Atlas only gives you the option of Delaware, which is not so favored for individuals who aren’t looking to attract investments.

Here’s an article that gives a depth to the differences between Delaware & Wyoming.

Winner: Firstbase

Available company structures – C-Corp & LLC

Stripe Atlas only provides the LLC option to US citizens, otherwise you can only start a C-Corp, which is a bit harder to maintain and more complicated for individuals who want to run a business.

With Fisrtbase you can choose between LLC & C-Corps easily. So basically you can start an LLC in either Wyoming or Delaware OR start a C-Corp in Wyoming or Delaware. Yes, it is this advantageous. 

Here’s a more detailed article on the differences between C-corps & LLCs

Winner: Firstbase

Customer Support

I will only speak out of my own experience, when I was struggling to choose between Stripe Atlas & Firstbase, I checked their social media pages, their entire online presence, tone of voice and everything.

I wrote an email to both of them, but only got a reply from Firstbase, the same exact day, and the conversation went on and on. They were rather friendly & helpful.

After the purchase I have support in 4 languages and lifetime expert support. Guys, this is really undervalued, you won’t get anything close to this elsewhere. Not to my knowledge at least.

Winner: Firstbase

Other differences between Firstbase & Stripe Atlas

FirstbaseStripe Atlas
US Bank AccountFree business bank account in the US
Pre-purchase consultation1v1 consultation calls
Post-purchase consultationSupport in 4 languages & lifetime expert supportSupport only in English
Application speedUnder 10 minutesTakes up to two weeks
Rewards100’000$ worth of rewards
US addressFree US mailing addressOutsourced mailing service only
Registered agentFree 1-year registered agent Free 1-year registered agent

Winner: Firstbase

The Shortcut – Sum up in a paragraph

If you’re hesitant between Firstbase & Stripe Atlas then I highly recommend you to go with Firstbase for the following reasons.

  • Costs 399$ – Use my 10% discount PARTNER10. You get absolutely no extra benefits for the extra money you pay to Stripe Atlas.
  • The option to choose between LLC & C-Corp.
  • You can choose between the states of Wyoming and Delaware.
  • More supportive and flexible.

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