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Elementor Pro Form Widget vs Contact From 7 – Detailed comparison

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Elementor Pro form widget vs CF7

This is a weird comparison, a free plugin vs a paid plugin, but hey, the argument is real and the difference in values is obvious. I’ve been using Contact Form 7 for the past 6-7 years, so this is coming from a guy who knows how to customize every possible detail of CF7 forms. So, here’s Elementor Pro form widget vs Contact Form 7 – Which one’s better?

Table of content:

  1. The answer – Comparison table
  2. Easy-to-use
  3. Customization
  4. Functionalities
  5. Collecting submissions
  6. Integrations & addons
  7. Time-consuming

The answer – Comparison table

Comparison criteriaElementor Pro Form widgetContact Form 7
Collecting submissionsWinner
Integrations & addonsWinner

Easy-to-use – CF7 vs Elementor Pro form widget

Elementor Pro is definitely easier to use, it’s as easy as Elementor is. Whereas CF7 is a bit complicated for a beginner, even for an advanced user. You have to create each form in CF’s dashboard as a text. Then insert the form using a shortcode.

Elementor Pro is way easier, just add the widget and start customizing it.

Customization – Elementor Pro vs CF7

Elementor Pro form widget’s customization is done through Elementor itself, which makes it very easy. However, to customize Contact Form 7 forms you need CSS & HTML coding. Although there are hundreds of articles and videos for the common customizations, it remains hard and not very user-friendly.

Here’s an article on how to completely customize/design your CF7 forms.

Functionality differences

Elementor Pro’s form widget has way more built-in functionalities such as:

  1. Multi-step forms – Very useful and user-friendly feature
  2. Conditional logic
  3. Custom messages – Success/error/invalid/required messages
  4. Recaptcha & spam filters
  5. Actions after submit options
  6. Easy integration with the most used CRMs such as Mailchimp
  7. Popup after submission

To achieve any of the above mentioned functionalities with CF7 you’d need other plugins, codes or 3-4 days of pointless struggles. Here’s how to show a popup on CF7 form submission.

Collecting submissions – Elementor Pro vs CF7

Elementor Pro has a built-in form submission section where you see all the submissions with their respective details. However, CF7 sends the submission to you via email (PS. you have to set it up manually and correctly to receive them), and then you gather them in a sheet and save them like that or leave them in your email.

Elementor Pro form submissions

Again, to achieve the automated submission you need extra plugins.

Integrations & addons

Contact Form 7 has way more integrations & addons, this might because the tool is very limited on its own, so there are dozens of addons and plugins which aim at enhancing the plugin’s performance.

On the other hand, Elementor Pro’s Form widget is limited to a few integrations, mainly CRMs or custom manual integrations.

Elementor Pro From widget vs CF7 which is more Time-consuming?

Obviously Elementor Pro consumes less time than CF7, the reasons should be in plain sight by now.

The time it takes to understand how CF7 works, and the time it takes to really understand how it works are unimaginably longer than to simply use Elementor Pro’s form widget.

Overall, I’ve said this before, and I’m saying it again, Elementor Pro is well damn worth it, 50$ a year with all the features, it’s crazy.

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