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Activate stripe on your website from anywhere in the world – costs less than 400$

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Activate Stripe from anywhere in the world

Table of content:

  1. Why Stripe is the best option for accepting payments
  2. List of supported countries for stripe
  3. Form a company in the US to activate stripe
  4. Activate on your website
  5. Accept international payment on your website

Useful URLs:

[Create a company in the US]

[Create a PayPal business account – Activate PayPal express checkout on your website]

Why Stripe is the best option for accepting payments

If you’re looking around between different payment gateways, here’s why you should settle with Stripe.

  1. VERY simple integration, and I mean it, it’s as simple as it can be
  2. Accepts all type of credit cards
  3. Payments are very easy and smooth for the customer
  4. Fees are great, the same as brain trees
  5. Customer support is awesome (one time they cancelled my debt just because I was closing my account)
  6. Tons of integrations worldwide

List of supported countries for Stripe

Here’s the list of supported countries by Stripe

If you live anywhere out of this list, accepting payments online is not going to be easy at all, rather it will be tough. I’ve tried all the possible solutions, 2Checkout SUCKS, other gateways are bad for international payments.

However, for every problem there’s a solution… I found the solution the hard way, and here’s it.

Form a company in the US to activate stripe

So, if you live in a country where Stripe is not supported, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. With less than 400$ you can create a company with, enter PARTNER10 in the checkout to get 10% discount. Takes 5 minutes.

In around a month you will have:

  1. A company in the US
  2. EIN (Employee Identification Number)
  3. US bank account with checking and saving accounts
  4. Virtual & physical cards to send and receive payments
  5. Over 20’000$ worth of bonuses and offers from Firstbase partner-companies

Activate Stripe on your website

After creating your company all you have to do is activate your Stripe account. Change the test mode to active mode. To do that you will need to enter your company’s information as required. Enter your API keys in your shopping card, and that’s it. Easy right? Right.

Some notes:

  • Here’s a list of Stripe integrations –
  • To get a US number register here –
  • In the SSN (Social Security Number) field in the Stripe activation step, if you’re not a US citizen simply add 9999 as the last 4 digits – This is what their support agents told me, and it worked fine for me

Accept international payments on your website

To accept international payments on your website you need a Stripe/Braintree and/or PayPal business account. If you live in a country where it’s not supported, you will have to create a company in the US, and then activate Stripe and PayPal on your website.

The process is really easy, it takes time, but it’s easy, nothing complicated. All the companies and tools that I suggest have been researched and tested. It costs less than 379$ (Coupon: YOURMANNAR5) and works like a charm.

You can check and see how the payment is easy and simple. I’m using Stripe

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i've been searching everywhere for this solution, you're the first person who gave a simple solution. Ty
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Thanks. I already have cloudflare and its still slow.. was thinking of how to remove unused js... but found your video instead
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