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I'm Nar

Having bright ideas and bringing results are two completely different things. You gotta learn to constantly mix these two to become a better expert.

Values & ambitions

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Digital marketing

9+ Years of experience in digital marketing, results after results. With a solid portfolio of doing digital marketing for some the biggest corporations and companies in the world, I decided to run my own business, Your Man Nar.

It’s always different to run a business, it’s always easier to run somebody else’s. However, by applying all my energy, thoughts, experience and knowledge I can see myself being on the right track. Hopefully you will help me more, but currently my website’s traffic is increasing, I have articles that make me 100-200$ a month and I’ve only received positive feedback so far, not a lot, but definitely positive.

I look forward to improving my digital marketing skills and share them with you, so you can learn from my mistakes and use my tactics & methods to grow your online businesses.

Building websites

6+ Years of building websites. The first website that I created, which was still live a few months ago, looks bad, is structured wrong and has many errors. When I started creating my second website, I was overwhelmed by what I didn’t know, more amazingly, I was overwhelmed, and I still experience it everyday, by what I didn’t know that I didn’t know.

By implementing everything that I know as a digital marketer, and constantly improving my UI skills I’m now able to create practical & beautiful websites.

Now I charge a minimum fee of 1000$ for the simplest 5 page website without any special functionalities. I guess my experience is a good source of information especially for beginners with no background, just as I was.

Ecommerce & dropshipping

This has got to be where I lack and disappoint myself and most probably you too. Both, one of my biggest ambitions and failures.

I had 3 fairly successful dropshipping stores, all of them were shut down due to technical issues, rather problems of being in a 3rd world country.

My experience in ecommerce & dropshipping expands from the start to halfway through. I hope to learn and grow as an ecommerce expert soon with my new project The P0rtrait about which I’ll talk more in my upcoming videos & articles.

Your Man Nar

Yo, this shouldn’t come as a surprise, since the name suggests, my name is Nar, short for Nareg. A pretty difficult-to-pronounce name for all non-Armenians.

Yeah, so I’ve been doing marketing for the past 9 years, more specifically digital marketing. But if you know marketing then you know that one can’t simply be a digital marketer, you’ve got to know marketing.

I always wonder how did social media marketing, content marketing, even digital marketing became a thing? After all, one has to do marketing then adopt it to different communication channels. Communication is just a phase of marketing. Anyway, I hate marketing.

I used to run a philosophical blog just for the fun of it, and before I knew it, I was able to create websites and understand servers, hosting, cPanel, FTP and all that alien stuff. I quickly understood that this super-power, seemingly unknown to the majority, could be a gateway for me to finally break the heavy chains of financial liabilities that the society enslaves us with and free both myself and my family from generations-long, already genetically imbedded, moral & financial slavery.

But things aren’t nearly as easy as they seem. Anyway, now I’m here, sharing everything I’ve learned so far with the hope that you too, will start seeing the light at the end of tunnel. Good luck. 

My ambitions


As the legendary revolutionary, Ernesto Guevara, said

“I am not a liberator. Liberators do not exist. The people liberate themselves.”

Ever since I read these words, they have sank in my mind deep. If that’s truly the case, then the only way to help others, the helpless, is to lead by example, is to show them the way by doing. Talk is cheap, it is actions and results that matter.


Financial Freedom, a concept, myth or just a dream. We’ll see. This dream of freedom has, for so long, chained my thoughts and is controlling most of my decisions. Maybe these chains are the biggest obstacles towards achieving the goal itself, in which case it would be rather contradictory, but at the same time, life is contradiction. So right now I’m trying to free myself from the burning desire to be free.


Some waves are big some are small, some are soft some are fierce. Along with the risks that come with riding the wave also come tons of advantages.

Being on the wave is one of the most important aspects of running any business, your wave might be a bit late, a bit early or maybe very huge, it doesn’t matter what shape or time your wave has, you have to be on it, otherwise you’re doomed. 

You gotta know that building something is not easy. It's a process, details are very important and only through consistency anything can be built.

It’s a process, never definite, always with failures.

The tiniest detail will make the biggest changes.

No plant will give fruits after a day of watering, it takes time.

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Hey, you can follow me on any of the channels where I'm active. I play chess (1300-1500 rating), Dota2 (Guardian III), I'm not so active on Twitter, but I regularly post content on YouTube & Instagram.

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I can’t stress this enough, I never spam, I don’t have regular emails that I send, I only email you when I have a new discount code for you that you might use, or when I have truly valuable content to share. If anything changes, you will be the first to know, until then, you can freely subscribe 😉

My projects

I will soon add information on my other projects which include NFTs, dropshipping and production. Pretty exciting stuff if you’d ask me. But now they’re not in a shape to be shown publicly so I’ve just hidden the section, I will reveal it once they’re in good shape.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or questions regarding everything you’ve seen.

As the famous comedian, Bill Hicks, would say, enjoy the ride.


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