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10Web vs Namecheap – Which is better for WordPress hosting?

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Customer support comparison 10Web vs Namecheap

Looking for WordPress hosting? Not sure which one to pick? In this article I’ll give a detailed comparison, but if you don’t want to read it, just go with 10Web, that’s the short answer. Anyway, here’s 10Web vs Namecheap – Which is better for WordPress hosting?

Table of content:

  1. Price
  2. Speed
  3. Customer support
  4. Other comparisons and differences
  5. The ShortestCut – Sum up in a paragraph

Just clearing some things out of the way, I’m an affiliate for both 10Web & Namecheap, so I have no personal interest in praising the one and devaluing the other. I’m just sharing my experience with both of them. So yeah.

Price comparison between 10Web vs Namecheap

10Web has 3 plans, starting with 14$/month to 35$/month and 85$/month (probably not for you). When you enter the NAR10 coupon code on checkout you will get a 10% discount. Of course the price is less when billed annually, and with the coupon code it gets even cheaper.

You can create 1, 3, 10 hosted websites respectively.

Namecheap also has 3 packages, 4.88$/month, 8.88$/month and 13.88$/month. The price goes down when billed annually.

All 3 packages only include one website.

Although Namecheap is cheaper, you should’ve guessed it by the name, I recommend 10Web.  I will back up my recommendation in the steps below. The price-value comparison is different from just price comparison, so yeah.

Speed comparison 10Web vs Namecheap

This is not fair because 10Web simply beats Namecheap, there are no similarities when it comes to speed. Hosting your website on 10Web guarantees a 90+ page speed score on Google page speed insights. In fact, even if you migrate your WordPress website to 10Web, a page speed of 90+ is guaranteed 99% of the time.

Use NAR10 coupon code during checkout to get 10% off.

Winner: 10web

Customer support comparison 10Web vs Namecheap

When it comes to hosting services it is a guarantee that your nerves will be put to test, I don’t know why, but it seems it’s an unwritten rule, they all seem to be stupid, not willing to help and never understand what the issue is. This is true for Namecheap’s customer support but isn’t for 10Web’s support. Somehow, 10Web manages to provide extraordinary customer support, it is so satisfying that I decided to start promoting them.

Both 10Web & Namecheap don’t have phone support, they both provide support via chat & email, but their qualities are simply incomparable.

I guarantee you, you will be satisfied with 10Web’s customer support via chat.

Winner: 10Web

Other comparisons and differences

Comparison feature10WebNamecheap
Staging environmentYou have staging environmentYou don’t
SSLIncluded in all packagesNot included in the first package
BackupReal time backup – Automaticbackup & restore availability
SFTP & database accessYesYes
Malware Removal ProgramYesNo
Automatic Database OptimizationYesNo
Automated Optimization – 90+ page speedYesNo
Cloud Storage20GB / 75GB / 250GBNo
Monthly visits25K / 100K / 400K50K / 200K / 500K
SSD Storage10GB / 15GB / 50GB10GB / 50GB / 100GB

Out of necessity I have used both 10Web & Namecheap for hosting WordPress websites, and I can easily say that 10Web is way better and recommended.

Don’t be fooled by the large SSD storage, in 99% of cases you won’t be needing that much storage, instead focus on what you need, which are, speed, customer support, modern tools & technologies, security and staging environment. By these measures, 10Web wins by a mile.

Here’s a video & an article where I take a website from 20 pagespeed to 99 with 10Web.

The ShortestCut – Sum up in a paragraph

When choosing a WordPress hosting never focus on price alone, while Namecheap is cheaper in this case, it is definitely not worth it, you better go with 10Web. They guarantee a 90+ page speed and high-quality customer support. In fact, 10Web’s servers have one of the highest quality, after all, it’s Google’s servers. Use NAR10 during checkout with 10Web and get a 10% discount. That’s it.

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