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1 vs 10 plugins – Is Elementor Pro worth 49$?

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Is Elementor Pro worth 49$

It might not actually be 1 vs 10, it could be 1 vs 20-30 I don’t know, I’m just saying that I deactivated more than 10 plugins, and they were easily replaced by Elementor Pro. Here’s my thoughts on whether Elementor Pro is worth 49$?

I want to highlight that I’m not trying to devalue other plugins, I’m just sharing what I found out.

Table of content:

  1. How many plugins do you need for an operational website?
  2. Disadvantages of using many plugins
  3. All the plugins I removed after Elementor Pro
  4. Every required and extra feature I got with Elementor Pro
  5. Is Elementor Worth 49$ a year?
  6. The ShortestCut – Sum up in a paragraph

How many plugins do you need for an operational website?

Well, this is a general question, one might need a dozen, another might need 3 dozen, but we’re talking about the necessities, so let’s go.

For a beautifully designed website you need:

  1. Custom header & footer design
  2. Sticky elements
  3. Contact forms
  4. Behavior based popups
  5. Custom system pages (404 pages, single products, posts, etc…)
  6. Custom designed sidebar
  7. UX elements
  8. Scroll animations
  9. Custom fonts

The list goes on and on, and the more it goes on, the more we move away from necessities and get to extras. Ok, so more often than not you’ll need most of the above functionalities and solutions.

Disadvantages of using many plugins in WordPress & Elementor

This should be rather simple and self-explanatory, but I have to say it.

  1. Having 8-9 dashboards to manage your functionalities.
  2. Adding a lot of codes to design/customize elements (Like Contact Form 7).
  3. Difficulty in keeping up with the updates.
  4. Very hard to remember every “what” and “how” you did with 8-9 plugins.
  5. Time and resource wasting.
  6. Upgrading multiple free version plugins, because they are limited, is more expensive.
  7. Testing a dozen plugins to get a single functionality.
  8. The golden rule of WordPress: DO NOT UPDATE 9 plugins at once, it will most probably mess something up.

All the plugins I removed after Elementor Pro

Alright, to achieve all of the above functionalities, you need, at least, the following plugins. Again, I’m not downplaying on these plugins, I’ve used them a lot, and they’re really helpful. But the fact is that even after using all these plugins, you’d still not be able to get all the functionalities. And I simply deactivated these plugins after Elementor Pro.

  1. Elementor Header & Footer builder
  2. 404page
  3. Catch Scroll Progress Bar
  4. Contact Form 7
  5. Content Views
  6. Integration for Contact Form 7 and Mailchimp
  7. WPFront Scroll Top
  8. WP Popups
  9. Sticky element
  10. Custom Fonts
  11. Tons of coding knowledge to customize Contact Form 7, sidebar designs, and more.
  12. Many addon plugins

Every required and extra feature you get with Elementor Pro

Imagine having just one, yes one, plugin do all the above mentioned functionalities and more. Damn, it really hurts to realize that I haven’t been using it for the past 7 years. On the other hand I grew to learn dozens of plugins, their functionalities and how to edit them. But yeah, I can’t believe I was missing on Elementor Pro for all this time.

Here’s why I eventually decided to upgrade to Elementor Pro.

Here are some of the main features:

Scroll animations

This is probably one of the coolest features you can ask for. Customizable to every requirement, the animations give a whole new feel to your website. From blur to vertical/horizontal to rotate and transparency, the scroll animation effects have it all.

Theme builder

With the theme builder ability, you’ll be able to fully design your header & footer, 404 pages, single posts and products. The theme builder saves tons of time & effort, in short you can design whatever you want however you want.

Theme builder Elementor Pro

Conditional popups

With the Popups template, you can custom design popups, and give them very advanced conditional triggers. This not only saves tons of time, but also improves your popups’ designs drastically.

Conditional popups in Elementor Pro

UX elements

Elements such as a progress bar, go to top buttons, vertical menu, slide in menu, etc…

Form widget

This has got to be one of the best widgets available. Imagine using Contact Form 7 for years, adding lines and lines of custom CSS to design each and every form, adding extra plugins to integrate with Mailchimp and other CRMs, and still not getting what you have hoped for. And hop, just like that Elementor Pro’s form widget saves you, you can do it all with simple clicks and buttons.

Multiple sticky elements with functionalities

I used to add a sticky elements plugin, using which I could only have one element stuck to the top of the page with little to almost no design customization capabilities, let alone functional. Elementor Pro has a built-in sticky functionality which can be used on almost all elements with stay in column capability. This is one of the best there is.

Sticky elements in Elementor Pro

Design inspirations

Elementor Pro has dozens and dozens of pre-made pro templates and kits which can be either inserted or used as inspiration and guidance to improve your website’s design and look & feel. 

Custom Fonts

Add custom fonts easily without extra plugins.

Awesome widgets

60+ Pro awesome widgets like flip boxes, pricing, WooCommerce, posts, video playlists and more.

Is Elementor Pro Worth 49$ a year?

If you still don’t have Elementor Pro, then go and buy it now! I’m not kidding, you will thank me later.

This is no brainer, a night-out would cost you more, an investment of 49$ in your website is definitely the way to go. Especially when we’re talking about a plugin that not only saves time and effort but improves your entire website’s look and feel.

49$ a year, that’s like nothing, that’s 4.08$ a month, c’mon, and in return you get what! Modern and advanced tools and widgets to build the best website you can build, well, do it.

The ShortestCut

Elementor Pro easily replaces at least plugins, and I’m not exaggerating it. It not only replaces, but also comes with more features and functionalities that one can ask for. In short, Elementor Pro will save you time and effort now and in the future.

If you still don’t have Elementor Pro, you’re missing out on a lot of fun, go and upgrade to Elementor Pro now.

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